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Hourly Rates, Charges, and Fees
The law prohibits an attorney from representing a client on the basis of a Contingency Fee in Divorce Actions or Criminal Matters.

Allan Grubb Attorney at Law handles personal injury cases, including Worker’s Compensation, on a contingency basis and the fee schedule will be discussed and agreed upon in writing prior to either the client or attorney assuming any obligations to the other.

In the event of recovery, the attorney would be paid a set percentage of the total amount of recovery. In the event that there is no recovery, we do not get paid!
The percentage is based on the particular facts of the case and the type of case.

Hourly charges are only for actual time devoted to matter.

In addition to the hourly rate, charges may be made for expenses including but not limited to: court costs; issuance of summons or subpoenas; service of process; postage; copies of pleadings & documents; and costs of exhibits.
 Court costs are a cost required for any action to be filed and must be paid by the client.